Beginning in the 2000s Atlanta music scene, Nick Magliochetti started his professional musician and sound engineer career. After attending Art Institute of Atlanta and graduating from Atlanta Institute of Music with a degree in music production, Nick also attended SNHU and got his Bachelor's in Business. During those years he spent time listening to music, and honing his skills in the studio as a guitarist, engineer, and producer. Nick has many years of experience in band creativity: writing, arranging, performing, tracking, mixing and producing music. He has worked on records with Stan Lynch (Former Drummer of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Billy Chapin (Backstreet Boys), Tom Tapley and others. He has opened as an artist for many acts including

Bon Jovi, Butch Walker, Sublime with Rome, Foxy Shazam, Our Lady Peace, and others. His work has been featured in TV Shows (Hawaii Five-0, The Originals), TV Advertisements (Wrangler Jeans, ESPN, Fox Sports), Documentaries (ESPN) and Websites (Oakley, Coca-Cola).

Nick works out of his studio, Pariah Recorders, based in Atlanta, GA.


Where are you from?  

Born in New Jersey

Lived in Southern California

Built this studio in Atlanta, GA.

How did you get your start in music?

I obsessed over music in high school so much that I wanted to learn how to make it. I played guitar everyday and listened to records as often as I could. I quickly became obsessed with the process of making music and began writing, producing and, recording at age 16. I eventually went to Art Institute of Atlanta for music production but quickly realized I knew more than they could teach me. I transferred to Atlanta Institute of Music and got a degree in Music Production and even taught the Analog class while I attended there because my teacher didn’t know how to run the console and outboard gear. I’ve been professionally working in music for 13+ years and everyday I’m learning! You can’t stop learning if you want to be great at this.


Are you a musician?

Yes, I’ve been playing guitar for over 16 years and I know my way around the keys and bass guitar. Still trying to get good at drums. 


Why should I get you to produce/engineer/mix/master my record?  

Well, I’m really good at making or mixing records. I’ve put the time in and generally people agree that I’m good at my craft. I know that you’ll love what we finish here at Pariah Recorders.


How do you know I'll love it?

I won’t stop until you’re happy with it. That’s just how crazy obsessive I am. That’s why you hired me. 


What kind of music are you the best at?

I feel like I could produce any style or genre. I may not be able to write every style, but I certainly can produce and give direction for most genres. I’m confident in my mixing abilities across multiple genres. I’ve mixed Pop, Hip Hop, Metal, Blues, Christian Music. I feel most comfortable in Rock’n’roll. But I’m not afraid of anything and I will jump right in.


What's the secret to great mixes?

A great song… Great lyrics.. A great arrangement. If we can get that right, the mix will be great.


What engineers do you look up to?

Vance Powell

Geoff Emerick

Michael Brauer

Joe Chicarelli

Tom Elmhirst

Eric Valentine

Sylvia Massey

Brendan O’brien

Tom Dowd

Joe Meek

Tchad Blake

And so many more… All of these people have such a signature way of capturing music and I love to be inspired by them.


Do you travel to do projects?  

I will definitely travel for the right project. Contact me and let’s chat and see if the fit is good for the record.


Do you track?

I do track. I can track full bands all at once with 24 inputs. We can do overdubs with guitars, vocals, percussion, bass, keys, anything you can think of. Bring it on.


Do you produce?

Yes, I produce and can co-produce as well. We can do all sorts of production work at my studio. I am not the type of producer to play all the instruments on the track and have the artist come in and lay down a vocal. That's not my style. I like to sit with the artist or band and work through ideas and collaborate and guide. You're not hiring me to make MY record. You're working with me to help you with your record and I will set you up to succeed.   


Do you mix?

Yes, I love mixing. This is where I feel most comfortable in all sorts of genres. If you want me to mix your project, contact me and let me take your songs to the next level.


Do you do mastering?

Yes I do offer mastering services. I have very affordable rates and my turnaround can be fairly quick. Mastering is a fun process for me, but this is typically the step where clients will expect to hear a large change and that’s just not the case. Good mastering does subtle broad, brush strokes to the mixed track. If you want to hear a massive change, consider a remix. Mixing is generally the stage where you hear the largest difference. And if you’re not happy with your mix from someone else or one that you did and you send it to me to master and “make it better” there’s only so much a mastering engineer can do. 


I want to work with you, but my budget is tight.  

I have very affordable rates for my services, but if your budget is tight and you want to collaborate and work together shoot me an email and I’ll let you know if it is something we can work on together. If you're willing to share credits and backend, we can work it all out. 


Do you do indie records?

A good bulk of my work is Indie. 


Do you mix in the box?

I have a hybrid set up. I use A LOT of analog gear, but I also use Protools and some plugins for recall-ability. I get the best of both worlds here at Pariah Recorders. 


What's your favorite piece(s) of gear?

The one that makes the song the best. It constantly changes based on the project and the idea.


I can mix on a laptop in my bedroom.  

Yes, you absolutely can. I can as well, but I don’t because I believe in using the gear I have collected and amassed over the years. Your music deserves the best tools. Well I have some of those tools and I know how to use the real tools better than most people know how to use the plugins. It is the way I love to work and my entire mixing setup is based on my console and outboard gear. It may not always be the most convenient but my setup always. sounds. amazing. I also can't tell you how many projects have been sent to me to make them sound better that were done on laptops in bedrooms. It can be done... but that's just not how I do music.

Do you do audio or music production training?

Yes, I can do training sessions for anyone interested in music production, mixing, live sound, and recording. I have been working professionally in the music industry for over 13 years now. I get asked all the time if I can do training or audio help. Just send me an email and we can work something out with scheduling. 

I've got more questions. Where can I get answers? 

Check out the site, contact me via email, friend me on Facebook, Follow me on Instagram and send me a message.

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