Uploading Videos to Instagram: Why Your Tracks Post In Mono, AKA Instagram’s Issue With Stereo Audio

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It might be a surprise to you, but not all the videos uploaded to one of the most popular and far-reaching social media sites upload correctly. You may have not noticed, but a lot of the videos on Instagram are summed to mono. Why? To put it simply, Instagram and Apple iPhones do not jive together when it comes to stereo audio.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

You’ll see that a small percentage of videos are on Instagram are in stereo, most likely because whoever is posting knows the workaround…or because they own an Android phone. Yeah, you read that right. The main workaround is to use an Android phone to upload.

That’s how I uploaded my latest video post to Instagram in stereo (check it out here). It’s a simple trick, but it’s totally effective, and it works without sacrificing the video quality. There are a couple of apps out there you can download, or you could use your computer to upload to Instagram, but it affects the video and audio quality. The best way to do it is with an Android device.

Why aren’t more people doing this? Well, because people don’t know. It’s something I discovered only after a lot of research, and I’ve already had many people reach out to me to find the secret on how to do this. Your music and mixes should definitely sound good in mono – it’s part of the game now – but we work so hard on our stereo mixes and an artist’s music should be heard in the intended format. Plus, when you’re competing with artists like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift – who have distorted, mono audio on their Instagram profiles – it will definitely help you as an artist, producer, or content creator to upload the highest quality video and audio possible.

Hopefully Apple can fix it soon and we don’t have to worry about this, but until then, this is the best way to upload in stereo.

Have more questions you can’t seem to find an answer to? Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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