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Pariah Recorders offers world-class services in a dynamic studio space. Using a curated mix of vintage, analog, and digital gear, producer and engineer Nick Magliochetti is able to personalize the recording experience to suit each project while delivering unrivaled excellence. 

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Ready to transform your demos into a release-ready track? Pariah Recorders offers full production services, including:

- Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

- Songwriting Assistance

- Pre-Production

- Arrangement

- Programming

- Vocal Production

- Additional Session Musicians

Click here to check out my up-to-date portfolio featuring some of my favorite work. All songs were produced, written, recorded, and mixed by me.


Pariah Recorders provides high-quality mixing services for recorded demos, singles, EPs, or albums recorded offsite that

are preparing for commercial release on an indie budget. 

Please be aware: before tracks are submitted to Pariah Recorders for online mixing services, please ensure:

- all tracks are consolidated to zero and properly named

- all edits are cleanly crossfaded with no pops or clicks.

- reference material is included, if seeking a certain sound.

- specific notes sheet has been compiled and included with any tempo/key changes for all songs.

Once you’ve prepared your tracks for mixing, there are several services available to ensure easy, quality file transfers

for online mixing, including Dropbox and WeTransfer.

Click here to check out my up-to-date mixing portfolio featuring some of my favorite work.

Rates for mixing services are based upon project scope, individual needs, and budget. Please contact us for more information.


You’ve got the track and the mix; now it’s time for the final step before commercial release. Pariah Recorders offers

expert mastering services at an independent price, improving the clarity, depth, width, and punch of your songs.

This service is available for artists and bands worldwide and may be used in conjunction with production and mixing services, or independently.


Whether you're a seasoned engineer or producer ready to learn more or a beginner ready to start a musical journey,

Pariah Recorders offers expert professional mentorship programs, online or in person.


Focusing on specific projects and skillsets or a general introduction to the recording arts, 

Pariah Recorders is poised to inspire and educate the next generation of producers and engineers.

Contact us for more information.t


To book a session or inquire for more detailed information and a personalized project rate, please contact us here.

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